We are currently accepting new and existing patients during the COVID19 Pandemic. Schedule your appointment today!

Our COVID19 Pandemic Commitments:

At this practice we are committed to continuing to provide the best natural therapies for chronic disease and infertility while keeping our patients and providers safe. Here is a quick summary of the ways we operate safety for everyone while providing services. 

We ask that patients and visitors to:

  • Wear a mask

    • Unless the visitor is 10 years of age or younger or 
    • You cannot medically tolerate a face covering
    • Don’t worry if you forget, we have masks available for anyone in need of one
  • Schedule an appointment and wait in their vehicles before the start of the appointment

    • Our receptionist can give you a call when the room is ready if we are running behind
  • Check their temperature when arriving at the office

    • A touchless thermometer is available for patient and visitor use
  • Stay at home if you are experiencing COVID19 symptoms

    • Patients can schedule telemedicine appointments if they wish to discuss the best natural remedies for COVID19

Our Safety Measures:

  • During your appointment our providers will wear a mask during your visit
  • We always practice good hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection
  • We disinfect treatment areas and tools after each use
  • Our treatment tables are kept more than 6 feet apart
  • Patient appointment time slots are scheduled to follow local public health ordinances
  • We utilize a FDA approved coronavirus air filtration machine o keep all aerosol particles in the treatment room reduced


Our Commitment to Our Community:

We are happy to provide medical care to patients during the COVID19 Pandemic while also doing our part to flatten the curve. We want to help protect the at risk people in our community. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you are in need of our care please make an appointment below.