From the COVID-19 outbreak there have been many unique behavioral responses. We have seen a rush to buy toilet paper, artificially empty grocery stores, and social distancing. While some of these responses have left long lines in the grocery, which was seemingly the opposite of social distance, a unique and beneficial response occurred in China. With over 320 large-scale epidemics in China over the past two thousand years, Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) has been used for those infectious diseases (Read More). The Chinese government is now utilizing CHM from their highly skilled traditional physicians along with western medicine.

Currently nearly 85% of COVID-19 cases have been treated with CHM. This combination integrated the very best aspects of CHM with the very best aspects of modern medicine. Truly a win win for all.

Modern medicine continues to be the leader in emergency situations. If a COVID-19 infection damages the lungs even the simplest of procedures like intubation, bed rest, and antiviral / anti-inflammatory medication become lifesaving. The critical development we have seen from other countries that are further along in their society’s infection has occurred because of  the limits of medical providers, beds, intubation kits, and medications. In America, we are now employing social distancing in order to slow the spread of this highly contagious infection so that we have enough hospital beds for those whom will need them.

Using CHM for patients with COVID-19 had a unique response, it assisted in lowering the symptoms from the infection (pneumonia, diarrhea, fever, and body aches). This helped quickly free up medical providers, it reduced the need for medical care, and it eased the burden on the entire system. As another example, if providers become sick themselves and self quarantine that takes more providers from the front lines. A CHM formula was used to help prevent infection amongst the health care providers with great success (Read More).  I’d like to stress that the CHM was used along side a modern approach, both complimented the other.

How does using Chinese Herbal Medicine as part of a COVID-19 treatment apply in America?

CHM can help to ease the symptoms of someone whom has self quarantined with flu like symptoms. Also the preventative formula can help to build the immune system to help prevent or reduce the overall impact of viruses. As we have seen in China this approach can effectively reduce the overall burden along with social distancing and proper sanitation. Much like we have seen in grocery stores, we have to be careful with the use of formulas because we can cause an artificial shortage. I have already seen this occur with some of the more classic immune stimulating nutritional supplements.

I have had thousands of hours being trained in CHM including the formulas for infectious disease along with training in supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle. I have also reviewed the formulas employed by the providers in China for the disease. If you are suffering from flu like symptoms give us a call to schedule.

Please do not come into the office. Our office can setup a consultation over the phone to help maintain your self quarantine. If you would like strategies to help strengthen your immune system I can also help advise you on the best routes. At this office I utilize companies like Fullscript and Crane Herbs which mail formulas and supplements directly to your home, everything can be accomplished virtually.

Mark VanOtterloo
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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