The Science Behind Chronic Worry

Chronic worry (anxiety) can be a debilitating disease. It plagues us while we sleep (or try to sleep). It invades our minds when we are out playing. How do we get a break? I’d like to give you a few simple ideas that you can do to lower your anxiety levels. I’ll start with general scientific concepts, so you can brag to your friends about how smart you’ve become. After that we will discuss a simple procedure that I do in my clinic to help.

In general, stress is an important signal for our bodies. We experience stress from a wide variety of reasons. We experience stress when we exercise, but that is stress with healthy benefits. We also experience stress when we complete a major project at work, but yet again this is largely beneficial stress. When bad stress overwhelms us, we often experience a sense of lack of control. It is a powerlessness that overwhelms our schedule, focus, and joy of life.

So where exactly does this lack of stress come from? It’s both external and internal causes. For example, externally you may be having financial struggles, which was reported the #1 stress in America. Internally, you may be having a major hormonal shift, chronic inflammation, or a severe nutritional deficiency. Here is the take home message. When your body is chronically anxious, it is a signal that something is wrong.

What can you do about it?

I’d like to get control back into your hands. First off, I’d like to give you the basics. It’s a simple plan I give to everyone in my clinic when they start the fight against anxiety. Start increasing the good stress. Yes? It is simple, basic, and pragmatic. Dedicate yourself to a routine of waking for 10 minutes each day outside. Break down your activities so you can create small benchmarks to achieve success in small increments. Eliminate heavily processed foods, packaged foods, and canned foods.

For most Americans with anxiety, it’s a real struggle. Often the struggle is due to serious internal conditions leading to uncontrollable anxiety. This requires focused diagnosis along with a specific treatment plan. Really diving into the balance of the hormones, key vitamins, and essential minerals can really make a major shift in the control you will have over your anxiety. Call us today and schedule a free consult. We use state of the art diagnostic tools to help create a plan of action that will put you back into the driver’s seat of your life.

Acupuncture for Chronic Anxiety

Finding out the source of your problems is only half the battle. Utilizing the correct and most effective therapies for your condition is the key to success. In several medical studies, acupuncture has been proven to alter and balance hormone levels, release stress-reducing endorphins, and increase systemic circulation there by increasing beneficial stress levels. As a result, acupuncture can be the turning point in an anxiety syndrome along with diet, nutritional, and herbal therapies. Wouldn’t you like to have a medical expert helping you understand your struggle and giving you a path back to control?

Wheat Ridge loves acupuncture and you will too. Schedule today.