Here’s The Problem

Most people use treatments that are band-aid approaches to managing their disease. Supplements, pills, and treatments typically mask symptoms instead of getting to the root cause. This ignores the basic fundamental ways in which humans have thrived for thousands of years.

How This Shows Up

  • You have chronic pain
  • Your quality of life suffers
  • You miss out on outings with friends and family
  • You feel like you’ve aged before your time
  • You wonder where your energy went
  • You’re struggling with infertility
  • You’re struggling with the side effects of medications

And What Happens…

Band-aid treatments delay the worsening of chronic disease and medications can often become more and more dangerous the longer you take them. Worse yet, new chronic diseases emerge and trap you in a perpetual chronic disease cycle. This can overwhelm you with a landslide of expenses, worsening stress, contributing to yet another cause of chronic disease, chronic stress. 

Why We’re Qualified

We are focused on the clinical practice of acupuncture as a traditional surgery to help manage chronic disease. Our Doctors of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) providers work with you to end  your suffering from chronic disease by getting to the root of your condition to create an environment that restores health. 


What We Do

Acupuncture may be a therapy we do… and it isn’t all that we do. We are focused on helping you create lasting change in your life. We want to help you suppress your chronic disease with strategies that have been proven to help humans for thousands of years. Our strategies have also been proven by science. Our work might be different with every patient because we cater it to the support of your needs. We utilize cupping, medical massage (tui-na / gua-sha), Chinese herbal medicinenutritional counseling, behavioral support… and (oh yeah) acupuncture


How It Works


Call our office to schedule an appointment or do it online here.


You’ll be evaluated and treated for your first appointment. 

We’ll create a report of findings that reviews the types of treatments best suited for you and treatment frequency.


You take back to your life.


You take back to your life.

Acupuncture is safe, reliable and astoundingly effective!

90% of the nation’s $3.5 trillion in annual healthcare expenses are for chronic disease. Chronic disease can leave you drained, tired, and bankrupt. Acupuncture can help you exit the chronic disease cycle.

We know you are drained, tired, and wanting something that makes more sense than yet another pill, fad diet, or social media “old wives tale.” We base our treatments in sensible strategies.

We work with your medical team to help support you in the best possible way. Consider exiting the chronic disease cycle and work with us today.

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“I was injured in a fall and developed CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in her right leg – eventually spreading to the left leg as well. It’s an extremely painful nerve pain syndrome. For years, I was on pain drugs, but the pain kept getting worse and worse. I was taking about 70mg a day of Methadone – sometimes up to 120mg, and it still wasn’t keeping the pain under control.

Acupuncture allowed me to eventually get off of the Methadone and manage the pain very well.”