Are There Side Effects Of Acupuncture?

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Acupuncture is a very safe way to get treated. It rarely causes problems or bad reactions. Most people don’t have any issues with it at all and benefit greatly from treatment. However, there are a few side effects that could happen, but most of them are not serious at all.

The most common side effect that some people might experience is feeling a bit light-headed. It’s like feeling a little dizzy, but it goes away after resting for a few minutes, drinking some water, and moving more slowly.

Another side effect that can happen is painless bruising. Sometimes, after getting acupuncture, you might see a small bruise where the needle was inserted. But don’t worry, it’s usually not painful and will go away on its own, just like any other bruise. It’s not a sign of anything bad happening, and it’s harmless.

There are more serious complications that can occur from acupuncture, but they are very rare. The most common serious issues include lung puncture (pneumothorax) and nerve puncture. But acupuncture providers are trained and licensed to make sure these complications do not happen. Included in that training is what to do in those instances. Life is full of risk and serious complications can occur in any medical treatment. The training and licensing help keep them rare and enable providers to manage complications to protect their patients. Acupuncture is no different than any other medical speciality in this regard.

Overall, acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for many people. Just remember that the chances of having any side effects are very low, and the benefits of acupuncture can be amazing. It’s one of the methods we use in our office, but we always consider other options first to manage a condition. We might provide acupuncture, but it’s not the only treatment option. We are also licensed providers in our State which enables us to provide the safest care possible including acupuncture.

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