The most common and well researched use of acupuncture is for chronic pain management. But the clinical use for acupuncture spans beyond just chronic pain.

There are many diseases, symptoms or conditions for which the therapeutic effect of acupuncture has been shown to be effective. From migraine headache and back pain to infertility, weight control, allergies, and insomnia, see our complete list of what acupuncture can help treat.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a therapy where fine filiform needles are inserted into specific regions known as acupuncture points. These points correlate with bundles of neuromuscular nodes and muscular trigger points. The insertion of an acupuncture needle increases blood circulation by stimulating the immune system, endocrine system, and the nervous system.

  1. This stimulation results in an anti inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving) reaction which can be applied to a wide variety of conditions.
  2. For a complete explanation of how acupuncture works please refer to these resources:
Acupuncture Needles being inserted by Dr. Mark VanOtterloo
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Acupuncture for Chronic Illness

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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

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What Does An Acupuncture Treatment Feel Like?

Many first-time patients are concerned that acupuncture needles will feel like hypodermic injections at the doctor’s office, they won’t.

Acupuncture uses hair-thin, flexible needles that are hardly felt when inserted. When the needles are gently stimulated, they may produce a unique sensation that Oriental medicine calls deqi.

Patients often describe this feeling either as a heavy, achy pressure, or a spreading, traveling feeling. Most patients find acupuncture deeply satisfying and leave the treatment feeling relaxed, both mentally and physically.

Contact Dr. Mark VanOtterloo if you would like to discuss your personal situation and learn how acupuncture might be a successful treatment option for you.

I’ve always been skeptical of homeopathic medicine and had never considered visiting an acupuncturist. I would always visit a doctor with any infrequent ills that I had. I’ve always suffered from allergies and was struggling a lot one particular day.

I had met acupuncturist Dr. Mark VanOtterloo through some acquaintances and his explanations regarding allergic causes and reactions were extremely clinical and pragmatic. Medications stopped working a long time ago, so after one particularly bad day I figured I had nothing to lose by making a visit.

He explained that he would need to put something like 10 acupuncture needles into my wrists and face. After the first needle went into my wrist, the stuffiness and discomfort in my sinuses receded and disappeared. He continued with the whole set of needles, after which I drove home allergy free.


Evergreen, Colorado