Acupuncture & Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered… why you lose weight and gain it back again?

One of the highest world health concerns is Obesity. In fact, being overweight has become a major marker for the industrialized nations.

Major medical institutions have been studying obesity heavily and its impact on our health. It’s no secret, gaining fat in the mid-section has major effects on our health. Here is my major concern. The vast majority of health information on weight loss is based off of two major myths that have recently been debunked in the scientific literature. These myths are pretty pervasive in the media and they are discussed as if there is no new research being done on the subject matter. This affects our ability to have to most current scientific understanding of why we gain weight.

The two major myths associated with weight gain, specifically fat gain, are the “Thermodynamic Approach” and the “Fat Fasting Approach.” The thermodynamic approach is a traditional nutritional approach that focuses on counting calories and expending more energy than you consume. The fat fasting approach focuses on consuming calories from fat free sources. Both of these have little to do with the internal mechanism that our bodies use for storing fat, and often lead to weight loss, but not fat loss. Each is difficult and takes its toll on our taste buds. For some reason in our society, we often associate pushing our bodies with success. When it comes to weight loss, this is nothing further from the truth. I go into further detail in a series of emails that I can send to you for free. Just sign up for my series, Weight Loss Myths.

How can acupuncture and Oriental Medicine treat my obesity? What can you do about your weight loss protocol today? The best scientific model for losing fat and boosting your energy has a lot to do with your hormonal balance. I go into more details with the free email series. In short, when you starve your body of any nutrients, including calories, you force the body to store fat as a protective function. The solution isn’t working against your body; it is working with your body. Acupuncture, in particular, is very good at balancing hormones. This can easily be tracked with the AcuGraph system. When your overall system is balanced, your Graph will show a high degree of balance with the energy measured at each acupuncture point. Getting an AcuGraph with quickly and accurately give you an in-depth view into why your body is storing too much fat and what you can do about it. This is a highly personalized plan and not everyone’s hormones are unbalanced in the same way. Finding the key mechanism and getting to the root of your weight problems will be your biggest and best weapon against your war on fat. Schedule your first appointment today and let Littleton’s local acupuncturist get you started on weight loss today.